Follow-up Comment #8, bug #21239 (project freeciv):

Good points.

An important part of this rule, as I said in first post, would be that this
penalty does not affect attacks against cities or fortresses (or any other
tile with no stack death).
The idea is that units moving together protect each other and do not need
fortresses nor stacking to advance in enemy territory.

As I see it, with default rules, humans do not create fronts of units in open
field because it is much better to stack them in cities or fortress. The only
available strategy to advance in enemy territory is to move your best
defensive unit to the best defensive terrain, or to build fortresses. 
My suggestion tries to make these waves of units a valid tactic, as we see in
most wargames.

In civ5 it is not allowed to stack units, and units get a defensive bonus if
there are friendly units in adjacent tiles, similar to my suggestion. In civ5
there are also bonus to attack if the enemy is surrounded by allied units, but
I think only one of those bonuses is needed to simlute the importance of
breaking the enemy front line, as we see in WW2 battles.

In my opinion this rule will not affect the way you defend your cities (units
stacked in cities and fortress still the best choice), but the way you attack
the enemy cities.
Together with the rules "restrictinfra", "no unreachableprotects" and
"occupychance=100" I think freeciv could become a fun tactical game.


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