Follow-up Comment #5, bug #21239 (project freeciv):

So essentially what you are saying is that as soon as a unit comes against
multiple units, it will be at a disadvantage against all of them.  I have to
say i don't like that idea.  Any attacker should be able to still move
'forward' and attack in one direction without penalty.  Otherwise it is doomed
as soon as it becomes adjacent to that second unit.

You mentioned WW2, and it is in thinking about those battles that we have to
consider this idea.  Many of the great actions then were won by fast units
breaking through enemy lines, and EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE ENEMIES ON BOTH SIDES,
carrying the attack through to softer targets in the rear area.  Your idea
would make that practically impossible to simulate in game terms.

I consider this separate from the defender in impassible terrain.  I still
agree that those attacks should be disallowed, or limited to pure bombardment.


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