Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21239 (project freeciv):

I did not explain properly the first verion. I'll use your question about the
surrounded warrior to try to clarify both versions.

version 1)Penalty when a unit adjacent to an enemy unit attacks any other

version 2) Penalty when a unit adjacent to an enemy unit attacks another tile
adjacent to an enemy unit.

The first attack of a surrounded warrior will always be penalized in both

In v1, if the warrior kills 7 of the surrounding enemies, he can attack the
8th enemy without penalty because there is no other enemy adjacent. All
attacks would be penalized except the last one.

In v2, if the warrior kills the 4 enemies in the corners (or the 4 in the
cross), he can attack to the other 4 enemies without penalties because the
target tile would not be adjacent to another enemy.

Version2 uses exactly the same rules than ZoC and I guess it would be easier
to implement.
I'm glad you like it, because I think freeciv really needs some kind of
tactical rule. I was working on a WW2 scenario and I realized that battles
without research/building are plain boring. You just need to stack pile all
your units in a fortress over the best defensive position and attack other
locations from there.


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