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With a view to more words explaining how to use them, examples of requirement
specification, etc (as opposed to previous updates which have mainly kept the
lists of effect types etc up to date).

I started on this and quickly ended up yak-shaving, finding numerous bugs

Anyway, question: what is the current situation with nreqs vs present=FALSE
(previously negated=TRUE) after all the recent work by Marko and Emmet

Are they exactly equivalent? Is nreqs only kept for backward compatibility, or
are there still valid circumstances for each of nreqs and present=FALSE? What
advice should we give to people writing requirements?
Or, are there things you can only achieve with nreqs and not with
present=FALSE (or vice versa)?

(All modulo bug #21115 which says that present=FALSE isn't quite usable yet.)

Relevant tickets:
* Patch #3332 (adding nreqs to more places) was requested to be closed on the
basis of present/negated doing the same thing.
* Prior to bug #21144 being fixed, negated/present flags had serious issues.
Does that ticket fix all major issues? ...stuff now hooked up to bug #21115
suggests not.
* Initial description of bug #20695 suggests they're equivalent?
* Bug #13600 comments suggest they're equivalent.
* Patch #3835: in April 2013, persia thought moving to using present=TRUE was
too risky. Comment 6 suggests that aicity.c is one place, and persia offers to
submit patches to fix bugs in this area. Is that activity done now in other
tickets, or still pending?
* Patch #3974 comment 4 et seq suggest using nreqs (but that's as opposed to
negative effect clauses, not present=FALSE).

Other stuff I've noticed:
* effect_req_append() only adds reqs to get_req_source_effects(), not nreqs.


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