Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4401 (project freeciv):

Just an update: I got bogged down trying to dig through the effects nreqs.  At
the time there were a few places in which the effects requirements checks
treated nreqs and reqs differently, or didn't check nreqs under some
circumstances (especially in aicity.c).  I don't remember all the details, and
see there have been some nreqs->present=FALSE patches pushed, so maybe that
isn't relevant anymore.  For anything *except* effects, nreqs was no longer
relevant in trunk at the time I became distracted.

For my most advanced dreams: these were mostly about disjunctive requirements,
for which I have a working (but very outdated) patch for everything *except*
effects (because the effects requirements code was so different than the other
cases: they are only superfically similar, but semantically rather distinct,
or were in the codebase I was editing last year).  I don't know precisely how
much time I have for freeciv (although more than I have had for some time),
but I certainly don't want to block anyone's work on this stuff excepting for
the disjunction support: I'll gladly supply my work towards that once the
codebase is otherwise ready (it is already on my rebase list, although it's
complicated enough and there have been enough changes that it may be
non-trivial to bring forward).


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