Follow-up Comment #11, patch #4374 (project freeciv):

> My offer to add a version parameter for Qt 4 if needed still 
> stands.
I guess that this involves changing m4/qt.m4?
I think this will help me at least as long as I'm carrying local patches to
build with Qt4,
We still have qt.m4 in svn, but currently I think it's not usable -- after
this patch my S2_5 Qt4 build (with local patch) fell over looking for a
literal @MOCCMD@.
Arguably we should either fix qt.m4 or remove it from svn (in which case I'll
keep a local copy).
FWIW, attached my local Qt4 version of this patch to restore my own ability to
build with Qt4; don't know if this is the best way to do it.

(file #19865)

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