I wrote (22 Jan):
> We've had a couple of important bug fixes recently, which means it's
> about time for a new stable release, 2.4.2.
> S2_4 is not yet in string freeze, and there are still string changes to
> come.

I've not found any urgent pending fixes requiring string changes, and
cazfi and I are already acting as if we're in string freeze, so I'm
declaring strings frozen on S2_4 until 2.4.2 is released. (Shout if I've
missed something.)

The translations at <http://www.cazfi.net/freeciv/translations/S2_4/>
right now look to be up-to-date except for one unimportant string (and
lack the latest es/de updates).

> I don't have a date yet, but it should be soonish.

Still no firm release date, but perhaps next weekend or the weekend

Draft release notes at <http://www.freeciv.org/wiki/NEWS-2.4.2>.

> At the same time, I'm minded to do the "oldstable" 2.3.5 release we've
> talked about, and then finally close the S2_3 branch.

Draft release notes for this are now at

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