Marko Lindqvist writes:
> On 26 January 2014 02:26, Jacob Nevins
> <> wrote:
>> Still no firm release date, but perhaps next weekend or the weekend
>> after?
>  When you need to know which weekend to reserve for the releasing?

I don't currently have any other constraints, so right now I think we
can decide pretty much up until the day (Saturday).

> At the moment I'd say next weekend is preferred, but that assumes we
> can get some testing done in time, and without finding any issues.

I'd naturally want to go for this weekend to get it out ASAP. Things I
can see that might postpone it:
 - the possible Gtk3 regression you mentioned
 - pathfinding changes haven't quite converged yet (bug #21523); we
   a decent pause after the last one lands
 - lack of translator engagement after a long hiatus -- I've not seen
   much activity yet

(I haven't really done any testing yet beyond basic usage.)

> In theory we could get Windows installer fixes tested and, depending
> on the result, committed, if we waited one more week, but they are not
> important enough to alone postpone the release.

Which fixes are you thinking of here? Bug #21474?

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