On 28 January 2014 02:01, Jacob Nevins
<0jacobnk....@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> Marko Lindqvist writes:
>> On 26 January 2014 02:26, Jacob Nevins
>> <0jacobnk....@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
>>> Still no firm release date, but perhaps next weekend or the weekend
>>> after?
>>  When you need to know which weekend to reserve for the releasing?
> I don't currently have any other constraints, so right now I think we
> can decide pretty much up until the day (Saturday).

 Could you do it on Sunday? I don't think I would be confident enough
with the testing to release Saturday. While Sunday release might mean
that Windows binaries are built week later than sources are released,
this would still give us some chance to get 2.4.2 to Ubuntu LTS.

>> At the moment I'd say next weekend is preferred, but that assumes we
>> can get some testing done in time, and without finding any issues.
> I'd naturally want to go for this weekend to get it out ASAP. Things I
> can see that might postpone it:
>  - the possible Gtk3 regression you mentioned

 I have not reproduced it on Win7, so it's probably XP specific. I
would accept the corner-case that experimental gtk3-client does not
work on almost-obsolete WinXP. It's also possible theat this is just
specific to crosser, and latest version of it in that (gtk2-client in
XP has some problems caused by the libpng version shipped in crosser,
this could be similar problem)

>  - pathfinding changes haven't quite converged yet (bug #21523); we
>    a decent pause after the last one lands

 These are now resolved, I think.

>  - lack of translator engagement after a long hiatus -- I've not seen
>    much activity yet

>> In theory we could get Windows installer fixes tested and, depending
>> on the result, committed, if we waited one more week, but they are not
>> important enough to alone postpone the release.
> Which fixes are you thinking of here? Bug #21474?

 Yes, and that's now tested and as the S2_4 is where it affects the
default client (gtk2-client is accompanied with gtk3 modpack
installer) I think it still should go in before 2.4.2

 My other patches waiting committing
 - bug #21547 (find_next_free_port() hangs on Windows making
single-player games impossible for average player)
 - patch #4457 (update specialist gfx to get them right from the first release)

 - ML

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