> On 29 November 2013 17:11, Andreas Røsdal <andre...@pvv.ntnu.no> wrote:
>>> Also, when do we make freeciv-web development subject to code
>>> inspections freeciv policy requires?
>> I don't mind that.
>  Fix to bug #21660 is now the first patch that I've submitted to
> freeciv-dev for inspection, instead of just pushing to git.

Great! I'm still fine with using code inspections to review Freeciv-web
Do we have any documentation about this review process?

Anything we can do to bring Freeciv and Freeciv-web closer together I am
positive about. So I hope that we can work together to remove the patches
to build Freeciv-web.

Also, what do you think of moving Freeciv development
from svn to github.com/freeciv?

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