Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3901 (project freeciv):

Found an oddity testing with this: If a transport is full, units in the
transport cannot disembark from it with client-side GoTo pathfinding if the
transport is on a tile that is otherwise non-native to the disembarking unit. 
This seems to be a result of checking pf_is_ok_move_tile() on the source, and
excluding tiles where the transport has no available capacity.  Possible
solutions involve a) passing a boolean to indicate whether to test transport
capacity, b) move the transport capacity test into the callers, c) split into
pf_is_ok_src_tile() and pf_is_ok_dst_tile(), and d) don't bother checking
capacity in pathfinding, and only block the moves at the actual move time
(this may confuse the AI).  I'll pick one after thinking about it, unless
someone else has a preference, or a better solution than those listed above.

Note that the AI doesn't seem to have issues disembarking from ships (at least
it successfully disembarks settlers and military forces on foreign shores),
and players can work around this with direct movement (number keys, arrow
keys, etc.).


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