Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4805 (project freeciv):

Something that I liked from freeciv compared to other civs is that it was not
possible to use chains of transports in order to move units indefinitely in
one single turn.

If you allow transferring units between transports on the same tile, I'm
afraid it could be possible to load a unit in one transport, move it until it
reaches another transport, transfer the unit without wasting movement points,
and then continue moving in the new transport.
If you exploit it, for example, you can place 10 triremes 3 tiles away from
each other, and use them to move one land unit 30 tiles in one single turn.

I'd suggest to make it possible to avoid this kind of unlimited movement, for
example by reducing the movement points every time a unit is transfered from
one transport to another.


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