Follow-up Comment #5, patch #4805 (project freeciv):

>Obviously realism cannot be used as the guideline here, as none of these
things is realistic. So it becomes mainly gameplay and balance issue - we
should disallow major exploits.
I do not say that it is less realistic this use of transports, but I think it
will harm the playability, because players who want to take full advantage of
this feature are forced to perform a lot of micromanagement.

In civ3 it was possible to transfer units between transports, and I found that
the fastest way to move my troops from one continent to another was, for
example, to place my transports (6 movement points) 3 tiles away from each
other, creating a line between my continent and the target continent.
This way, I was able to load 8 units in the first transport, move it 3 tiles
to meet the next transport, transfer the units, and then move back the 3 tiles
to repeat the same operation in next turn. Then move next transport, transfer
units, and move back, etc.
At the end, you can move units from one continent to another in one single
turn, but the task is so tedius that after several turns, I ended hating it.

I understand that some people may like this feature, I just ask some way to
limit it, and the cost of one SINGLE_MOVE sounds good enough to me.


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