Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4739 (project freeciv):

My opinion about experimetal ruleset is that it is very useful for ruleset
authors when developers of new engine features include an example in this
experimental ruleset, so we can see how the new features are supposed to be
I find important such ruleset where developers can introduce new rules without
worrying about breaking the game balance.

>This process could be improved with ruleset feature development in trunk,
balance adjustments and cleanup in pre-release branches, and bugfixes in
released branches. 
This is the way I was expecting it to work. We (ruleset developers) could keep
sending patches against trunk to try to introduce new features that we have
tested by ourselves. Then, all developers decide which ones to include. And
after that, we use the branches to try to balance the rules without changing
them too much.

>Given the small number of folk who play against trunk, this means that most
new engine features haven't had much playtesting. It may make sense to
maintain a playtesting experimental modpack that is playable on the prior
release (e.g. freeciv-2.5 default rules, playable on freeciv-2.4 engine),
which could be used to collect useful feedback on what should be included in
the default ruleset for the next release.
I also think this could be useful.
While working on a new version of civ2civ3, I liked to keep the previous
versions updated as much as possible in order to receive some feedback about
the latest changes.
I was thinking that we could use the modpack tool for that. I mean, once v2.5
is released, the ruleset civ2civ3 could be kept as stable as possible (only
bugfixes and important unbalances), while we could keep another civ2civ3
version available in modpack tool where we backport the changes included in
trunk that needs to be tested (and are compatible with previous v2.5).

I'd also like to say, that I have been the only developer of civ2civ3 rules
until now, and I understand that I made changes that people may not like.
Until other developers start working on it, I'm up to try to revert any
controversial change and make it more similar to classic rules, just tell me.
Also, as you may have noticed... I'm not native english speaker, and every
text that I wrote for the ruleset should be revised. I could collaborate on
the spanish traduction, though.


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