Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4739 (project freeciv):

I'm liking the way civ2civ3 is being managed here by cazfi.
When I send a new patch, I feel safer because I know that someone who knows
the code, and the compatibility rules, is going to check the patch. If cazfi
agree to continue this way, I'm comfortable working this way.

Until now, I keep my own svn repository with the files of the ruleset, and one
branch for each version of freeciv. When I'm going to work on a new patch, I
always compare the version in gna repository with my own version, and I import
all the changes made since my previous check, so I should not miss anything
changed while I was unactive.

I'd appreciate if I have some kind of "editor" rights for changes related to
this ruleset, at least for now. But I'd also like to see other developers
creating patches and trying to improve the ruleset.
I'm afraid I can not be continually active as some of you are. However, if I'm
actively working on the ruleset, I will see the patch and I'll give my
opinion. If I'm not active, and I do not answer after a week or so, feel free
to commit the patch, and I'll notice the changes next time that I check the
gna repository. Then, I'll take it into account for my future changes, or I
can make my own patch if I feel it needs some adjustment.

By the way, is it possible that every patch sent with the word "civ2civ3" in
the header triggers a notification to my email, so I do not miss any related

About the versions included in modpack tool, I'm up (and I'd be glad) to
maintain an "experimental" version of the ruleset there, where I can backport
the changes from the trunk, and where we can introduce and test more
controversial modifications.
I agree it is a good idea that other devs can send patches for these versions
too, and I'm up to use another repository for them, or whatever system is
better for the dev who will make the packs available at
Until now I used to send an email with the modpacks to cazfi, I guess any
alternative would be better.


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