Follow-up Comment #10, patch #4739 (project freeciv):

Getting further off-topic, but I suspect that we can avoid a lot of the pain
involved with freeciv-ruledit if we are careful to make ruleset format changes
backwards-compatible (so freeciv-ruledit can read the old format, and write
the new one).  Also, if we can convince freeciv-ruledit to format things
nicely and write all the comments, the cost of having used it should be
significantly reduced.

To me, the former is mostly about using RS_DEFAULT_foo more; removing all the
magic numbers; providing warnings, rather than errors, on missing information;
and striving for programmatic means to generate more complex metastructures
(e.g. conversion from explicit singular dependency to reqs, use of extras

The latter is just a matter of tweaking rulesave: I'm unsure whether this
should be done by injecting the comments into the code, or using a template:
perhaps a combination of the two.


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