Follow-up Comment #27, patch #4830 (project freeciv):

- Updated against svn
- Dropped diff_ignore changes
- Ruledit to save multipliers to governments.ruleset and not to separate
  Also saving of the helptext was missing
- In ruleset.c, merged multipliers loading to governments.ruleset
  handling functions - handle entire ruleset at once
  Also in case of error just set ok = FALSE instead of returning directly
  so that if cleanup handling changes in the future, not every single failure
  condition needs changing
- Replaced tabulators with spaces
- Removed extra spaces after the lines
- Renamed send_ruleset_multiplier() as send_ruleset_multipliers() as it
  sends all of them
- Typofixes in log messages
- Changed one ruleset loading error logging from log_error() to
- Renamed multiplier_free() as multipliers_init() (plural + it really is
- Added empty multipliers_free() (plural)
- Cleaned up calls to multipliers_init() and multipliers_free(). They happen
  game_ruleset_ini() / game_ruleset_free() for all the programs, and only 
  there. Client and server (but not utility programs) used to call _init()
  directly, but _free() through game_ruleset_free().
- Renamed parameter of multiplier_index() from pach (copypaste from
  "achievement" code?) to pmul
- Removed client/include/multipliersdlg.h (should have been named
  multipliersdlg_g.h if remained) since client common code does not call
  these functions
  - Added gui-gtk2/gui-gtk3 gamedlgs.h with prototype of
    popup_multiplier_dialog(), removed local duplicate prototype from
- ++multiplier -> multiplier++ in create_multiplier_dialog()
- Removed empty line added to boot_help_texts(), with no other nearby edits
- Added comment /* FC__MULTIPLIERS_H */ to #endif ending multipliers.h
- Added rule_name to ruleset_multiplier packet, dropped translated_name as
  client translates it itself. send_ruleset_multipliers() was sending
  rule_name (as actual name) and untranslated_name (as translated name)
- Removed extra spaces added to empty line in player.c:player_new(),
  savegame2.c:sg_save_player_main() etc
- Experimental ruleset multipliers help to follow the usual ruleset
  documentation format
- Added ruleset documentation comments to all rulesets
- Moved zeroing of 'i' to initialization of for() loops in
- ++i -> i++ in handle_player_multiplier()
- Moved pmul variable inside the only block where it's needed in
- Send player info once server has handled adjustments to multipliers.
  For the client of player him/herself this should confirm the change,
  for other players' it's new information
- Changed savegame multiplier entry "multipler" -> "multiplier"

Not yet an commit candidate:
- package_player_info() always sets real values. Should require at least
  embassy info level to see other players' policy settings
- The examples in experimental ruleset should go to separate patch if at all
  (requires also documentation in doc/README.ruleset_experimental)

(file #21528)

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