Follow-up Comment #20, patch #4830 (project freeciv):

- I think these are mainly going to be related to governments, and you even
name the dialog currently as "government modifiers". It would probably be
better to add them to governments.ruleset than to add completely new ruleset
file, especially one that often only contains documentary comments.

- Unrelated changes to diff.ignore that didn't even apply cleanly. If you're
actively using diff.ignore, please submit that as separate patch
- There's some other "noise" changes (and quite weird ones at the: changing
one of the lines of the C-comment /* */ to begin was C++ comment //, replacing
"packets." with "(* packets. *)" in packets.def description.) These were just
the ones I noticed while rebasing parts not applying cleanly.
- Effect values are also checked in ai/default/daieffecs.c, at least. That
needs similar update to effects.c change
- Renumbered packets as there's new 241 introduced in svn
- There's more C++ -comments ("//") to remove
- Fix brace locations:

if () {
} else {

- Is "/ m->step * m->step" in multipliers_command_callback() missing braces as
it does nothing except losing some accuracy ue to int arithmetics (first
divide by m->step and then multiply back)
- To client/include/ header list "multipliers.h" is added but
actually the file is called "multipliersdlg.h"
- All new functions need function header
- multiplier.h is lacking "/* common */" section for headers included from
- *A lot* of weird indentation
- Rulesets need to be documented (commented)
- When it doesn't have functional difference, use x++ instead of ++x ->
- multiplier_free() is called from both common/game.c and client_main.c &
srv_main.c. Former is the correct one, I think (currently function
implementation is such that double-call does no harm, but better to get it
- Variable declarations belong to the beginning of the block, followed by
empty line before actual code
- load_ruleset_effects() should use multiplier rule_name(), not
- Loading old savegame formats in savegame.c also need to set multipliers to
default values (or does this come due some initialization?)

"- New rules should be saved to ruleset in tools/ruledit/rulesave.c"

Rulesave.c is part of ruleset editor tool. You need to make saving part
equivalent to loading part in server/ruleset.c for your ruleset format


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