Follow-up Comment #21, patch #4830 (project freeciv):

- The idea of multipliers should extends to different part of Freeciv, so it's
not related only to governments
- Changes to diff.ignore are removed
- Weird changes to packets.def are removed
- ai/default/daieffects.c does multiply value of effect by value of
- Someone told me that number of packets can be fixed on merge time
- C++ comments are probably removed
- I have fixed brace locations of if and for
- This division and multiply are necessary to set multiplier to step
- File name in are fixed
- Added header probably to all function that needed header
- Added /* common */ section identifier to multipliers.h
- Indentation are fixed in some places
- Added documentary string to multipliers.ruleset
- Fixed ++x to x++ in mutliplier_new
- In game.c exists call to multiplier_free, because ruleset going to be freed
- Added blank line to some places between variable initialization and code
- Changed untranslated_name to rule_name
- Player's multipliers are initialized (set's to default value) in player
creation code
- Added code to save ruleset

(file #21405)

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