Follow-up Comment #22, patch #4830 (project freeciv):

> The idea of multipliers should extends to different part of
> Freeciv, so it's not related only to governments

What the controls in gui then represent if not (governing) policies? If you
dislike adding them to governments.ruleset, maybe game.ruleset? It already has
things like disasters and achievements, of which there can be 0 to several
(but not to hundreds) in a ruleset (similarly terrain.ruleset packs many
object types)

Patch is already getting quite good, but read it (the patch file itself)
through once more to catch unintentional changes - there's still changes like
replacing empty line with a line with some spaces etc. Also, at least in two
files there was no empty line between last #include from previous section and
the comment telling what directory the next one is.

> Someone told me that number of packets can be fixed on merge
> time

Yeah, if there comes changes between submitting the final version and commit
time, those can be added. But patch really should apply and compile against
svn HEAD at the time it's submitted.

Can you add gui-gtk2 version at least? Changes between gtk2 & gtk3 clients are
usually relatively easy to port.


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