Follow-up Comment #25, bug #22567 (project freeciv):

> I have rebuilt an autogame with reverted patch #4970 and
> patch #4971. Attaching autosave at turn 800 shows that
> barbarians nearly invaded all the world.

There's several problems in AI vs barbarians equation, but reverting those
patches makes AI to at least to attempt defending. I recommend testing as
global observer to autogame with timeout 10-20 to see how AI does not get
defenders even when barbarian unit is standing next to the city to conquer.
Low 'onsetbarbs' helps.

I've been using my own rulesets, which is almost identical to variant2
(available via modpack installer).
I'll create an autogame to demonstrate this unless you can make one yourself

As for my last night comments about patch #4970, I probably read the patch the
wrong direction (reading the reverting patch -> what I thought was removed,
was actually added)


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