Follow-up Comment #18, bug #22567 (project freeciv):

If diagnosis and a fix aren't imminent, would changing the title to "most
cities undefended" be helpful?  The behavior is not civ2civ3 specific, and
most cities are walk-ins for so long that it's not accurate to say they're
"early" cities.  I don't seem to be able to change the title of the bug

A previous recent release of Freeciv, I forget which one, had the opposite
behavior.  The AI turtled up with defensive units and city walls almost
immediately, creating what I called "bitter pills".  It became completely
unprofitable to try to jump other civs early.  This made the game slower and
more tedious, digging all these bitter pills out.  Could it be that someone
"fixed" this turtling behavior, sending the AI priorities too far in the
opposite direction?


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