Updating the blocker status since last round:

On Sat, 29 Jul 2017 13:04:47 +0930
"Michael T. Pope" <mp...@computer.org> wrote:
> BR#3058  Y  Custom difficulty fun, working on this now
> BR#3060  N  Wagon train requirement, waiting for reproducible case
> BR#3061  ?  Requirements panel crash, unclear
> BR#3062  Y  Map exploration failing, this is bad, hoping for reproducible case
> BR#3064  N  Double monarch demand, can not reproduce
> BR#3065  N  Preferences pane, waiting for reproducible case
> BR#3066  Y  Number of immigrants failed, working on this next
> BR#3068  N  More unit-type-change in mods, unclear

BR#3058 and BR#3066 are fixed.  BR#3061 is minor and not reproducible so
its non-blocking.

BR#3062 remains at large and is a serious problem.  It is almost certainly
a broken update from the server to the client, which means it is not easy
to reproduce.  We will need a COMMS mode debug trace to make progress
here.  I would really like to nail this one before release, but its going
to be tough.

> I also have a blocker due to some of my old (0.11.*) games crashing
> on load.  Should have this done soon.

This is done as mentioned earlier.

Moving onto the newer open reports:

BR#3077  N  Duplicate Session Exception for Monarch Session on Declaring Ind.

I can not reproduce this.

BR#3079  N  Declaration of Independence appears and then disappears 

Timing issue.

BR#3081  N  Master Gunsmith Doesnt have connections

WWC1D issue, should be moved to the Pending Features list.

BR#3083  Y  Rapid Go-To Wont Wait

Serious problem, makes late game play where you have lots of go-to orders
borderline unplayable.  I have started working on this, but it requires
some major surgery to the client controller, and so the fix will need
play testing

Mike Pope

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