For BR#3062, I don't know if we'll be able to solve that before release.
I've been trying to reproduce without success. Added a comment to the
ticket for more info.

I agree that 3083 should be fixed before release, that is currently the
biggest annoyance in the game.

If there are objections and/or blockers, certainly we could push the
release out further than Aug 22.
Part of the reason I'd like to get this release out sooner rather than
later (RERO: Release Early, Release Often) is because it's been so long
(nearly 2 years) since the previous release, and if the SF stats are to be
trusted, 700+ downloads a week is really significant, and my preference
would be to get players playing on the latest codebase so that:
1) We can get more eyes on the code, and thus hopefully more contributions,
bug reports, and participation.
2) We can drive up additional interest in the game with a new release and
more frequent subsequent releases.

My background in working for Starbucks Technology, Disney Interactive, and
Marvel Games is that early and frequent releases created a tighter feedback
loop between developers and testers or users, and generally garnished
higher usage. I believe it would allow the game development to progress
faster, and since it puts the newer code in the hands of the users,
enabling them to help define what the game will become, and ultimately
result in higher quality software. The RERO philosophy attempts to
eliminate the risk of creating software that no one will use. But again, if
there is objection to either that release date or even that philosophy for
the FreeCol project, we can push it out further, just stating why I'm
hoping we can do a release soon.


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM Michael T. Pope <> wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 01:43:56 +0000
> David Lewis <> wrote:
> > There's a new bug report where the version attribute isn't set in the
> > savegame file and thus doesn't load the unit-change-types correctly,
> > causing an NPE on selecting a teacher. That's the only one I've found
> thus
> > far.
> Will check.  I am surprised though, surely we have had the version in
> there since 0.10.x.
> > I'd like to set a goal of releasing by Tuesday, August 22nd if there are
> no
> > major blocking issues and if there are no objections. I've read through
> the
> > release checklist and am prepared to do the release.
> That sounds a bit aggressive.  I looked at BR#3083 at lunch today.  I think
> we should sort that out, because it can be really annoying.  I am also
> still hoping you can find a test case for BR#3062.
> > What's the process for ensuring all translation strings are up to date?
> > There were a few new strings added that haven't been updated in the
> > language packs yet.
> There is always lag in translations.  They do great work, but once again,
> its all dependent on volunteers finding time.  Usually we try to have a
> couple of weeks with no string changes for stability purposes.
> Cheers,
> Mike Pope
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