On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 01:43:56 +0000
David Lewis <highwayofl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> There's a new bug report where the version attribute isn't set in the
> savegame file and thus doesn't load the unit-change-types correctly,
> causing an NPE on selecting a teacher. That's the only one I've found thus
> far.

Will check.  I am surprised though, surely we have had the version in
there since 0.10.x.

> I'd like to set a goal of releasing by Tuesday, August 22nd if there are no
> major blocking issues and if there are no objections. I've read through the
> release checklist and am prepared to do the release.

That sounds a bit aggressive.  I looked at BR#3083 at lunch today.  I think
we should sort that out, because it can be really annoying.  I am also
still hoping you can find a test case for BR#3062.
> What's the process for ensuring all translation strings are up to date?
> There were a few new strings added that haven't been updated in the
> language packs yet.

There is always lag in translations.  They do great work, but once again,
its all dependent on volunteers finding time.  Usually we try to have a
couple of weeks with no string changes for stability purposes.

Mike Pope

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