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David Lewis <highwayofl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree that 3083 should be fixed before release, that is currently the
> biggest annoyance in the game.

Its now top of the list.  However, once fixed, its going to need
play testing as there are a lot of cases.
> Part of the reason I'd like to get this release out sooner rather than
> later (RERO: Release Early, Release Often)...

All true.  However we have had a few "Oh shit" releases, where we put
out version N only to have to put out N+1 almost immediately to fix a
glaring bug.  Perhaps I should pay less attention to this as it would now
be the new release manager's problem:-).  You could equally argue that
because it is a while since the last release a bit more testing will not
matter that much.  I certainly would prefer the bug flux settles down from
current levels.  It has been a busy week on the bug tracker.

> My background in working for Starbucks Technology, Disney Interactive, and
> Marvel Games is that early and frequent releases created a tighter feedback
> loop between developers and testers or users, and generally garnished
> higher usage. I believe it would allow the game development to progress
> faster, and since it puts the newer code in the hands of the users,
> enabling them to help define what the game will become, and ultimately
> result in higher quality software.

Agreed in general.  Pity this release required a major rewrite that took
way longer than it should have.

> ...just stating why I'm hoping we can do a release soon.

Understood and generally agreed.  The question then is "how soon do you
want to do 0.12.1?":-).

Mike Pope

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