Hi Denis,

you write that for getting 2 digit, AM/PM, space 1000s sep
DIR output from freecom, you use SET DIRCMD=/-4 but failed
to find a way to set COUNTRY to 002,863,c:\fdos\bin\country.sys
in the context of DOSBOX. I still think it would be a lot
easier to find out how to change DOSBOX country settings
compared to compiling a special freecom command.com which
has your desired settings hardcoded.

Any DOSBOX fans who could make a recommendation here? :-)

Regards, Eric

PS: As far as I remember, you can also tell DOSBOX to boot
a freedos kernel with freedos config.sys from a disk image,
so if the simulated DOS kernel of DOSBOX lacks country.sys
support at all, then booting freedos would be a workaround.

PPS: Did yahoo mail get renamed to ymail?

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