Hi Denis,

country.sys is not a driver, it is a data file. So you can
not load *that* with DEVLOAD. However, you can load other
drivers, if that helps you. Read the manual of our DISPLAY
and MODE: By first loading DISPLAY, then running MODE, you
can switch fonts, in case codepage 437 is not sufficient.

VDOS is simply a variant of DOSBOX for more serious work.

VMSMOUNT is a program to make drives offered by a VMWare
host available to a DOS running inside VMWare.

If you fill in the table of settings in my previous mail, I
can add some detail to the COUNTRY setting TSR method, so
you do not have to tweak the technical mess yourself :-)

Cheers, Eric

PS: What does that 25 year old program do? For which
version and brand of DOS was it originally designed?

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