Bonsoir Denis,

if the DOSBOX simulated DOS kernel is missing country functionality
and you do not want to boot freedos (because you do not want to use
diskimages) then you could load a TSR which answers COUNTRY requests
by freecom with country preferences of your choice :-)

Dosbox also had some spin-off for people who want to run "work"
software instead of "play" software: Less sound and graphics and
more other features, as far as I remember...

Regarding the mount host filesystem feature of dosbox virtual DOS:
When you use freedos kernel in DOSEMU, you can configure it to use
host (Linux) directories as virtual drives. There are also generic
drivers such as VMSMOUNT which allow a DOS, in particular freedos,
to mount drives offered by the host in vmware :-) I do not know if
DOSBOX offers a general drive access for which a driver can be made
for a real DOS. Maybe the DOSBOX drives only exist for the virtual
DOS simulated by DOSBOX itself. Giving VMWARE and VMSMOUNT a try is
probably worth the experiment :-)

By the way, why does your software use DIR and parses
the output? It would probably be a lot easier to use the DIR call
in the DOS kernel, which is machine readable instead of pure text.

Cheers, Eric

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