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> Without the DOSBOX kernel, we don't have the "mount" command and we 
> constantly have to mount/unmount the DOS disk image from the GNU/Linux or 
> Windows host (or use FTP networking) to exchange data. This is tedious and 
> the disk image gets corrupted if simultaneously mounted or written on by the 
> Host and the DOS.

Yes, you are completely right about that. 

But please take a look at a new project: „EtherDFS“ by Mateusz Viste.
http://etherdfs.sourceforge.net <http://etherdfs.sourceforge.net/>

If your host is running GNU/Linux, you can start EtherSRV on the host and 
EtherDFS on your DOS guest.

On the host go to the directory, that EtherSRV is mounting. Share it with Samba 
to your Windows clients.

That’s it. You have now what everybody wants: A network disk in FreeDOS, shared 
with everybody in your LAN, and still 618 K conventional memory free.

The only downsides, as I see it:
- At the moment EtherSRV will change timestamps of received files to the actual 
date and time.
- On VirtualBox a guest with EtherDFS can not reach (yet) an EtherSRV running 
on a machine outside the host.
- EtherSRV is running on GNU/Linux only.

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