Hi Jay,

The TODO list for FreeDOS 1.0 would be a place to start. Just mind that some of them are quite a technical stuff that may require some DOS technical reading before getting into that (see the freedos.org main place) (see in particular the currently unmaintained PRINT? Mabe you'd like it, and noone else seems to be having time for that anyway).


Jay Maus escribió:

This whole File Search Utility thread has gotten me thinking about DOS
programming. I program mainly in either Win32 C++ for apps or Perl for
scripts. However, I've played around with DOS C programming from time to
time, and would like some 'real-world exercises', so to speak.

So, is there a list of FreeDOS Utilities that need tweaking, or utilities
that just don't exist? Whether they be MS-alikes, GNU-alikes, or something
completely different?

--Jay Maus

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