I could go back to HTML style to get nice formatting, but then you'd have to fight off Eric Auer for me, so if you want to do the battle, let me know who wins and I'll change or not, accordingly. What I won't do is change away from using the world-standard multi-platform Eudora after ten+ years along with a few million other people. Perhaps that's arrogant or petty or annoying, but it's my line in the sand as far as a compromise there.

do you see above as 1 long line? I do. my line wrapping is set to 100 or so (when writing some batchcode) but normally Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6-NL (NL = Netherlands, so language Dutch) wraps lines
at 72 characters. Replies are forced to be text-only.

Could be a problem for FFFF, but I said EFFF for the exclusion test. If the whole thing is ignored at Fxxx ranges, it really should be fixed to allow them as valid range (even though it's unused). However, I still need to re-sync HIMEM and EMM386 with Tom Ehlert's last changes and re-test to ensure everybody's using exactly the same _single_ version, but I've been enjoying a nice break from all that.

I also said X=A000-EFFF, but mentioned X=A000-FFFF was simply ignored if used. Tom was also having a break. And now the weather is too good to even think about coding. I think Erwin's comments about Tom's recompiled version being broken is still valid. Currently we're using a compressed version of what you once sent to me, in private.

should have this specific HIMEM and EMM386 versions in compressed form.
Otherwise Erwin Veermans has it, at http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/

only worked once or so with Eudora, quite some years ago. Then Outlook and Outlook Express, until the "I Love You" virus, and after that, finally, I started experimenting with Mozilla and Mozilla Thunderbird (and FireFox). Nice, but not perfect.


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