From what you say, it comes as freeware without source. Therefore, even if it might eventually come (I don't think so either) as a "Third Party" utility, having no sources it cannot replace FreeCOM (which by the way is also a quite good tool) (although I might be wrong, Jeremy, Jim or Bernd can tell me wrong).

Sure 4DOS can't replace FreeCOM, but FreeCOM can't replace 4DOS either :)

FreeCOM is still preferred, due to size and license. Just as I prefer the FreeDOS kernel over the Win9x kernel (io.sys).

Me too, despite its compatibility problems and bugs...

Silly Microsoft for including a bitmap into a 220KB kernel which was also intended to be put on bootdisks with only 1.44MB capacity.

Wengier's "Super Boot Disk" IO.SYS at http://newdos.yginfo.net/msdos71/ is just 123 KB. He managed to remove the bitmap logo ;-)

With WinME they corrected this, but the WinME's IO.SYS file does not allow many operations (SYS C: for example).

There is a patch that fixes it ;-)

WinME 's IO.SYS is 44KB, if I remember correctly.

No, it's 114 KB, compressed, and contains a built-in HIMEM.SYS.

Anyway, 4DOS is *VERY* powerfull, but the shell is about 200KB.

It's now 252 KB after they removed the trial timer. UPX shrinks it to 132 KB, aPack - to 131 KB :)

Very interesting as a 3rd-party freeware application.

Exactly! Please, do include it on the FreeDOS CD-ROM (leaving FreeCOM as the main FreeDOS shell :)

No way they would release it as open source, as JPsoft has other products based on the 4DOS code.

Everything will eventually be open-source, the question if whether we'll live to see it or not ;-)

when no XMS memory is available (a clean boot process), both 4DOS and FreeCOM use enormous amounts of memory.

Of course, both need some room to store their resident parts. But if no XMS, 4DOS swaps to a file, so it doesn't use too much resident RAM. Of couse, this is good only if there is a hard disk ;-)


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