Jim Hall wrote:

My brother was reading up on USB hard drives, when he found this reference to FreeDOS being included with a Seagate USB drive:

I was reading this review of the Seagate 5GB USB hard drive, and I saw this note: "Much of the documentations reside on the CD, from which you'll also find a copy of FreeDOS"



Due to the nature of the FreeDOS license an OEM can decide to use FreeDOS in their product line without contacting anyone or making arrangements with the people involved in the project.

Then one day you discover it is being used by someone like Seagate.

An OEM wanting to use a DOS has only so many options regarding which DOS to choose.

If I were a manufacturer or developer wanting a DOS I'd have to give FreeDOS first consideration due to the economy of the license.

Nevertheless, if the main consideration was the merits of the operating system itself as opposed to economy and licensing terms, FreeDOS still competes and may very well be the better choice of available options.

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