Hi Michael,

Michael Devore wrote:
> At 01:26 AM 2/9/2005 +0100, Robert Urban wrote:
> >My BIOS seems to be pretty good. The choices are:
> >[the usual stuff, HDD-0,1,2,3; CDROM; SCSI; LS120; Floppy; etc]
> >
> >I chose "USB-HDD".  I presume all the other USB- choices involve attaching 
> >the
> >actual hardware via USB.
> USB-ZIP is generally documented on the net as the most compatible one to 
> choose for USB flash drive booting.  It's the only selection that works for 
> booting my USB stick here.  But mine does boot up as a large A:, which you 
> might not find acceptable.

I assumed that USB-ZIP was for Iomega zip drives attached by USB.  In any case,
I tried it, with results identical to USB-FDD and USB-CDROM  -- it ignored
the USB-stick.

Rob Urban

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