At 11:53 PM 7/28/2005 +0000, Mark wrote:

Do I need VDS?  :-)  What does it do?  How can I help
identify the problem?  I do have the Haunted HP Pavilion (TM)!

Turn it off if everything works without it. It's just for upper memory reporting of true physical address instead of logical address for DMA purposes. Maybe something is trying to use a function that isn't supported or ignoring a return code that a sub-function is not supported. You don't see any feedback messages when it's present do you? VDS will write to display a line about unsupported functions, but can't help if a program tries to use a subfunction that returns an unsupported code.

Without the machine that croaks, though, not much chance I can tell you what's going on with the VDS problem. Could be the fault of either VDS support, or what's trying to use VDS. And no way of knowing here what or how to fix/work around it.

I was going to make VDS a default, maybe I shouldn't.

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