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A better option would be to get to the bottom of why SCSI and VDS do not like each other. SCSI is a drive interface - I don't see how it can be affected by VDS unless there's something bigger going on. It may he SCSI is merely showing up the problem, as opposed to BEING the problem?

Nope, there are documented instances of SCSI drivers being incompatible with VDS. In those cases, they share the same interrupt and potentially the same register values which VDS uses to determine its functions and what to do. Obviously if SCSI wants to read a disk sector and VDS thinks you want to check for contiguous memory amounts, something is going to wind up very unhappy.

Is that what the problem is with your SCSI setup(s)? Can't say, good chance it's a failure elsewhere, or it could be the fundamental failure described above. If you want me to get to the bottom of your particular VDS failure, then you or someone else will need to send me a machine that demonstrates the problem, same as Mark Bailey did with his laptop. Otherwise, it's all conjecture here.

the amount up to $60.00 and made the contribution on August 9, specified for where it was most needed with the title 'FreeDOS'. Confirmation e-mail available on request.

Very nice, but I don't get it? You are spending hours developing this excellent Free software, and then paying out to charities based on it's popularity??

I was interested in knowing how many people overall, more or less, downloaded from my site for FreeDOS. The contribution served three purposes: 1) it motivated interested people to download the latest rather than wait for release+n like people tend to do; 2) it gave me a better baseline against people who solely hit the site to download files simply because they are there (BBS'ers used to call them file-rapers); and 3) it made a little money for a universally helpful charity that could use it.

Oh, 3.5) I was bored and it was a mild diversion. And, 3.75) It gave me an excuse to start working with Perl and Cygwin-based utils a bit more to process the results, instead of coding something up in C/C++ overkill as I typically have done.

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