Michael Devore wrote:
At 05:05 PM 9/19/2005 -0700, Brolin wrote:

Firstly, I have not tested this new release. That said, what is the status with regards to having FastTracker II working on FreeDOS?

FastTracker 2.08 runs fine for me under latest HIMEM and EMM386.

PKUNZIP failing unless the NOEMS option is specified, now that's a problem I'm working on.

EMM386 v2.05 breaks my FDCONFIG.SYS! When booting, I get the following output:

FreeDOS HIMEM64 3.11...
HIMEM - KBC A20 method used
EMM386 2.05...
CONFIG.SYS* error in line 26**
>>>12?DEVICEhigh=C:\FDOS\bin\vide-cdd.sys /D:vide
Kernel: allocated 37 diskbuffers = 19684 bytes in HMA
Bad or missing command interpreter: 12?SHELL=D:\Programs\4DOS\4DOS.COM D:\Programs\4DOS /PC:\FDOS\fdauto.bat
    Enter the full shell command line: _

* this is wrong: FDCONFIG.SYS is being parsed, *not* CONFIG.SYS!
** this too is wrong: 26 is zero-based; the "error" is really on line 27

Even if I enter the full path to FreeCOM or 4DOS, I simply get this prompt for the command interpreter again.

If I revert to using EMM386 v2.04, everything works fine.

Here are the contents of my FDCONFIG.SYS:
(the menu names/labels don't mean much since I never bothered to change them from the (FD)CONFIG.SYS included with the Beta 9 SR1 CD release.)

!SET lang=EN
;for help on commands, see file config.sys in your FreeDOS directory
;DOS=HIGH is still buggy (try running HELP), as is CDROM-driver. (see website)
!set dircmd=/oge /4
MENU 1 - Load FreeDOS with maximum RAM free, using EMM386
MENU 2 - Load FreeDOS including HIMEM XMS-memory driver
MENU 3 - Load FreeDOS without drivers
;DEVICE=d:\programs\dev\386swat\386SWAT.LOD altscr dvga
;12?DEVICEhigh=C:\FDOS\bin\liteon.sys /D:liteon /DMA
12?DEVICEhigh=C:\FDOS\bin\vide-cdd.sys /D:vide
12?SHELL=D:\Programs\4DOS\4DOS.COM D:\Programs\4DOS /PC:\FDOS\fdauto.bat
3?SHELL=D:\Programs\4DOS\4DOS.COM D:\Programs\4DOS /PC:\FDOS\setenv.bat
;12?SHELL=C:\fdos\COMMAND.COM C:\ /E:8192 /P=C:\FDOS\fdauto.bat
;3?SHELL=C:\fdos\COMMAND.COM C:\ /E:8192 /D /K set path=C:\FDOS\bin

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