Hi Michael,

Nope, there are documented instances of SCSI drivers being incompatible with VDS.

Sure, but as I understand it, this VDS problem will occurr even when there's NO driver loaded (e.g. pure INT13)?

In those cases, they share the same interrupt and potentially the same register values which VDS uses to determine its functions

OK, is this related?


If it's about busmastering and IDE, it's hardly surprising it doesn't work with SCSI (kind of not needed). If it's about something else...

and what to do. Obviously if SCSI wants to read a disk sector and VDS thinks you want to check for contiguous memory amounts, something is going to wind up very unhappy.

Right. I'm wondering how they used to manage with Adaptec and DOS in the early days - maybe they used to just disable VDS? Maybe that's the correct thing to do when using SCSI?

Oh, 3.5) I was bored and it was a mild diversion. And, 3.75) It gave me an excuse to start working with Perl and Cygwin-based utils a bit more

Excellent idea!

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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