On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, Shane M. Coughlan wrote:

> > I don't use OpenGEM, because I am disagree with installation method, which 
> > make a much new directories on C:\
> A very valid point.  I am looking at fixing that issue with new releases
> of OpenGEM.  The latest development release of OpenGEM/XM (the
> multi-tasking development distribution) actually only creates one file
> (GEM.BAT) and one directory (OPENGEM) in your C:\ root.  That makes
> everything look a lot cleaner in my opinion.  Of course, we need to see
> if people like the idea!
This is good idea, be sure.

> The version of OpenGEM/XM that creates only one folder in your C:\ drive
> is at http://gem.shaneland.co.uk/downloads/OpenGEMXM.zip

I have download this archive (3244731 Mar 12 00:09 OpenGEMXM.zip). When I 
try to start it: "Bad command or filename - "GEMVDI"." Looks like  
gemvdi.exe missing on x:, but:

 Directory of X:\
.                    <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:53
..                   <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:53
GEMAPPS              <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:53
GEMBOOT              <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:53
GEMDESK              <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:53
GEMSWAP              <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:56
GEMSYS               <DIR>  12.03.2006 12:53
         0 file(s)              0 bytes
         7 dir(s)      83 542 016 bytes free

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
Take care. Your friend,
dima <7509107*mail,ru> <2:550/112>

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