At 07:36 AM 3/14/2006 +1000, TechFan  wrote:
I saw a thread go around earlier about using a bootable USB key.  Did
that get polished or handled?  I have an extra USB key to play with, but
I would like to make it bootable. . .getting tired of using the very
slow usb floppy drive to boot our ghosting process.

Polished? Probably not, but the current kernel with FORMAT seem to work for everybody who has a USB stick and a computer which supports USB stick booting. There was one recent kernel bugfix made for computers which weirded-out with no floppies present, but that's about it.

Anyway, there are several ways to get there. I typically use a formatted USB stick recognized via USBASPI.SYS at bootup and then SYS it to make it bootable. Several methods to format the stick if that's not already done, but it usually comes that way.

My own issue is that I can create a stick which either boots as a big floppy (A: via USB-ZIP) or a hard drive (C: via USB-HDD), but I can't seem to switch back and forth between the two types after I'm done. I've not had time to investigate what's necessary to change to go between them. But for most users it probably doesn't matter once they get successful obots, so I've not been pushing hard to make the time, either.

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