On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Shane M. Coughlan wrote:

> > I have download this archive (3244731 Mar 12 00:09 OpenGEMXM.zip). When I 
> > try to start it: "Bad command or filename - "GEMVDI"." Looks like  
> > gemvdi.exe missing on x:, but:
> That's interesting, because you showed me that X: contains all the
> correct folders.  GEMVDI is inside one of those folders, and it should
gemvdi.exe are present in GEMSYS directory on X:, but manualy exe file also 
cannot be started because "Bad command or filename".

> therefore run correctly.  Let's do some testing.
> First of all, are you using FreeDOS?  What version?

I have use "Enhanced Rel 3", which installed from 

This is my "ver /r":
FreeCom version 0.82 pl 3ak XMS_Swap [Aug 18 2004 23:00:58]
DOS version 7.10
FreeDOS kernel version 0.0.35

Take care. Your friend,
dima <7509107*mail,ru> <2:550/112>

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