Michael Devore schrieb:
> As a matter for record, since it's been incorrectly reported twice now: 
> FreeDOS, HIMEM, and EMM386 work fine with Doom.  It was one of the first 
> tests of VCPI support and is often checked against as a baseline.  There 
> are no known applications which fail under FreeDOS HIMEM or EMM386 with the 
> FreeDOS kernel and which work with Microsoft or other version memory 
> managers under the FreeDOS kernel.

I will have a test this week, because I have not tested you newest
releases yet.
But as a matter of fact I can say, that all previous releases had
enormous problems on different kinds of hardware.

> The rest of the original post is even less accurate.  Unfortunately , I did 
> expect off-list marshalling of  "allies" for further posts and personal 
> attacks, which has come to pass.  It's a sad situation: no winners, we all 
> lose from this behavior.

Yes, you are right. And that is why I posted my message in this
offensive way. I hope this will help to get back to a normal way of
Put Johnson back on list and let him post his opinions. If you don't
like what he is saying then there's no need for you to answer. But give
others the possibility to take part at the discussion if they want to.
That won't affect Freedos in any bad manner.

> As promised, I won't respond further other than to clear up direct 
> misstatements of fact that confuse FreeDOS users into believing something 
> doesn't work when it does.

I will take the time and probe you memory management application on many
different types of intel based hardware this week and will give detailed
report, promised.



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