I've been doing a little tinkering with the web site design.  By the 
time we finally make our "1.0" release, I figured FreeDOS should have a 
somewhat sharper-looking web page.  Bob Stammers and I have been 
discussing a new look off-list, and I think it's pretty much ready.

If you would like a peek at the new design, it's at:

It has a modern appearance: clean, simple.  I hope it's not too boring.  
I'm open to final tweaks before this new version goes live, later this week.

This is just the first in several goals.  I also want to re-do the main 
page to fix two other things:

1. Clean up the linkList.

At first pass, I'll need to make my best effort to organize things as 
best I can, and later we'll try to do a kind of "card sort" exercise if 
I can gather enough volunteers.  At the least, I want to have links 
grouped for first-time / general users and for developers.  How I order 
the links, I haven't decided.  But I may re-use links in both sections 
... that might be okay if I keep the link names the same (otherwise, it 
would get confusing.)  I'll also rename some link text from what we have 
now.  At a top-level, the headers will probably be grouped into two 

Using FreeDOS

2. Different content on the main page.

For as long as I can remember, the FreeDOS front page has contained a 
list of news items.  That was appropriate when we were a bunch of 
developers, but it's not helpful to users who aren't familiar with DOS.  
So I'll likely move the news items to a "developers" page, or 
something.  The front page will be filled with a few paragraphs lifted 
from "About", and a few paragraphs lifted from (perhaps) "Download" and 
other parts of the site.  Not sure how I'll re-write that content.  But 
the key is, everything a new user needs to know about FreeDOS should be 
located on the front page.


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