Arkady V.Belousov wrote:
> Hi!
> 24-Июл-2006 09:56 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Hall) wrote to
> JH> If you would like a peek at the new design, it's at:
> JH>
>      If you wish feedback about design, I have ones. Browsed in Opera 9 @
> 800x600.
> 1. At bottom, "FreeDOS webring" pane is wider, than middle column, in which
>    it placed, whereas in "RingSurf" pane lines are wrapped:
> [..]
> Easiest, what you may do, is move these panes below 3-column table.

The side columns on the new design are set to 200px.  That's the same 
width as the linkList width in the current design, but we only have that 
on the left-side.  I could drop the linkList width to something like 
180px but I don't know that will change it much.

I think part of the problem is the webring navigation stuff.  It really 
gets in the way.  I'm thinking about taking it off, or at least moving 
it to another div.

> 2. I think, 3-column mode is bad idea: all columns are equal width, but side
>    columns are much shorter, thus, after they "squezze" middle coulmn, this
>    middle column now up to thrice times higher and enclosed by very big
>    white (read: very contrast view) unused space. The more so, this makes
>    not enough space for final panes ("WebRing" and "RingSurf").
> I think, at least right column might be eliminated, by moving its
> announcement contents at top of page, over menus and news. Also, left column
> with menu may be reduced in width, but "Search" pane should be moved out
> from columns (to top or bottom) to make more space for input field.

Ew, I didn't realize that IE makes the page render weird when there's a 
really long non-breakable line (URL) in the news body, when displayed 
800x600.  For example, the link for 
messes up the IE display.  Seems to display okay on Firefox.

So maybe I should re-think the position of quickSummary.  It used to be 
in the main body area, but floated to the side.  Maybe I need to go back 
to something like that?

I like your suggestion about putting the quickSummary at the top of the 
page, next to the menus.  I'll try that.

> [...]
> JH> It has a modern appearance: clean, simple.
>      Me liked, except layout and pallete for side columns.
> PS: I right now compare with original design (OD)...
> Well, OD design somewhat better:
> - marble background for "Home" and "trademark".
> - menu headers ("Home"/"Developers"/"Documentation") bold and highlighting.
> - bold for "Latest news".

That's interesting ... you're not the first person to say they prefer 
the "marble" pattern on the header/footer.  Maybe I'll look at re-using 
that element, since it seems to be preferred.

I'll work up a slightly different design and get back to you guys.


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