Hi Art,

>> I have found this utility to work very well under WindowsXP to make
>> bootable DOS USB sticks.  If you have access to a Windows computer,
>> it would be worth a try.
>> http://h18000.www1.hp.com/support/files/serveroptions/us/download/20306.html

This utility is the right and easiest choice for a windows system, but
there is another possibility that might work on linux as well.

The only thing I don't know is how to create a floppy image file under
linux or a bootable iso-file with floppy emulation because I'm not
working with linux based systems.
I know that you can use a floppy image file in BOCHS and change its
content. Even if BOCHS is extremely slow you might consider this as a
chance under linux.

What you need in the end is a bootable iso file with either 1,44MB or
2,88MB floppy emulation.

At first you will need this file:
This selfextracting archive contains the latest USBASPI.SYS V2.20 from

The next thing you need is the following file:
This archive contains the file DI1000DD.SYS V2.0 from Novac.

Add the following commands to your CONFIG.SYS file:

These drivers will recognize your usb stick as a harddrive during
freedos boot process.

Put Freedos FDISK and FORMAT into your created image-file to be able to
partionate and format your usb stick.

Further on you will need the freedos system files in your image.
Use SYS to make your usb stick bootable.

If your bios already supports bootable usb sticks you won't need the
USBASPI.SYS and DI1000DD.SYS files because the bios itself will use the
usb stick as a harddrive and that's why you can directly use your usb
stick under freedos.

Don't try to separate you usb stick in more than one partition. That
won't work at all.

If you don't manage to create a bootable iso-file under linux don't
hesitate to ask.
I will do that for you under windows and send you a ready iso.


P.S. The only thing I don't understand is why FREEDOS in both above
mentioned cases is somtimes (not always) complaining about suspect CHS
partition parameters during the boot process. But in the end everything
works fine.

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