Got interuppted on this subject, but back on it now. I have got two USB
sticks formated with the HP program. Can read and write to both as fat32
from Linux or Windows.

Downloaded the USBASPI.SYS and DI1000DD.SYS and have them available.

How ever, I tried the links in Mark Baily's last email 

But had no success with any of them. Here is what I have.

A full freedos image (about 150 MB) running under qemu. I want to mount
it and add the USBASPI.SYS and DI1000DD.SYS files and edit the
config.sys file.

Image is in /opt/freedos/freedosfile.img and runs fine under qemu except
I can't do much with it since it does not see the USB drives.
I have a folder /mnt/freedos

Now, what is the exact syntax I would use to do this loop thing and
mount /opt/freedos/freedosfile.img on /mnt/freedos

I tried a number of variations on the commands in the links above, but
somewhere, I am not getting it quite right.



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