On Mon, 6 Aug 2007, Alex Horvath wrote:

AH >Hi,
AH > 
AH >I have a new Windows Vista laptop. I would like to install FreeDos on a
AH >second partition and dual boot. 
AH > 
AH >I created a small extended partition and formatted it as FAT using
AH >Partition Magic.
AH >I then boot to the FreeDos CD and start the install process.
AH >However, the FreeDos installer does not give me any choice to which
AH >partition it will install to and I think it wants to reformat the
AH >existing primary partition.
AH > 
AH >What am I doing wrong?

I do not mean to sound as if I am talking down or anything but:

Normally you can have as many as 4 primary partitions on a harddrive. 
You only have to make logical partitions within an extended partition if 
you need more than 4 primary partitions.

Here is a page with basic information on partitions.


Before you blow away your vista install make sure you actually have a 
set of vista disks that came with your machine. These days some new 
machines do not actually have a full set of operating disks.

Another partition editor which is free is Ranish Partiion editor 


AH > 
AH >If I have to I can blow away windows but we'd like to be sure we can
AH >make FreeDos + our app work first on a second partition.
AH > 
AH >Thanks
AH > 
AH > 
AH >

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