Alex Horvath schreef:
> Sorry for all the newbie posts -
> FreeDos did install but when I boot all I get is a "_" character and no
> response to keyboard input.
> If I boot from the FreeDos CD I can the FreeDos files on C:.
> Anything I can check? 
Let's see, a very basic installation has the following:
* Harddisk
  -Master Boot Record (MBR, contains partition table and keeps up which 
partition should be booted)
  - FAT formatted primary partition, it needs to be set Active in your 
partitioning tool
     - Bootsector (operating system dependent)
     - operating system's kernel (FreeDOS:     C:\KERNEL.SYS)
     - some kind of user interface (FreeDOS:  C:\COMMAND.COM)

Easiest is to check if these files exist with DIR C:\
Also transfer system files and the bootsector with SYS C: (or SYS A: C:)
In case MBR needs to be rewritten, do a FDISK /MBR

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