>All labels are unique and contain the drive letter.  Do you consider 
>DOS, W2K and Warp4 to be obscure?  Also every partition has a directory 
>of the form "1_Name_X" where X is the drive letter.  The one forces it 
>to sort at the top.  So from any HDD utility or directory listing I know 
>the physical position of each partition.

The users self identity on a computer should not be intricately related to the 
OS that is in use. WARP4, W2K, DOS?  what does that say about the *content* 
stored  by that  user?   

>I have an additional challenge.  All my HDDs are front panel plug-in. 
>So I have to give each HDD a unique ID that is seen by HDD utilities. 
>If I was cloning or cleaning a drive and got it reversed that would not 
>be good.  I have had a HDD utility swap drives 1 and 2 on it's display. 

Harddrive serial make and model or variant of such is what I use, that way I 
can see that yes it is from that seagate and not the western digital.. (I do 
this on my two tower machines with the shuttle drive bays)


>That is rare, but it did happen.

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